my project plate has been so full lately that i cant even check blogs much less actually post some photos of what is keeping me away from everything internets.

this past weekend contained national scrapbook day (NSD) as some of you may know (and the rest of you may be caused to think "wtf? you need a national day to scrapbook now?) anywho, NSD was an excuse for me to abandon my family on friday and saturday to attended scrapbooking events and i got loads done this weekend.

friday i went to memories live on (where i will be teaching classes towards the end of this month (if you're in the area, SIGN UP! i'm working on the best begining scrapbooking kits EVER!). while there i finished some class layouts (i will post photos in another post) and almost finished a "Baby" album for a friend who is due at the begining of june. i'm really happy with this album. i ended up using two of them and doubled each letter thus doubling the space i had to create. on the second layer i didnt cut the cut-out parts (i.e. the holes in the "B") out. when i'm completely done (hopefully today) i will post scans/photos of the completed album.

saturday i went to my regular haunt at scrapbook island. i was going to work on mother's day gifts and cards, but instead i started working on our seattle trip album and couldn't put it down. i'm about a 3rd of the way done with the vacation album not to mention i also a covered a boring black 8"x8" album i had laying around the house. and to prove i did something this weekend, i have a few scans of this album. not all of them, but in due time.

the album cover. i forget who makes that fabric, but i need to head to hart's and pick some more up for the stash. the photo is of a peek into a window of a random art gallery in downtown seattle. hambly overlay. thickers felt letters in playroom.

the inside of the album cover. random seattle map, sticker and a little hambly.

page 1. (or 3 if you're really counting) i have a tendency to pick up random post cards, flyers, brouchures and, ALWAYS, city stickers. with my keepsakes, i used note worthy journaling cards, thickers, a little new prima, and a cracked into my favorite new collection from sassafras lass my dearest, which i'm using through out the entire album.

page2. "UP UP and away!" (two page LO) for the begining of our adventure in seattle i used plain old bazzill cardstock, a little more note worthy, BasicGrey lettering in BOXER, and stickles all on top of in-flight instructions.

page3. (part 2 of the "UP UP and away" LO) documenting the saving grace of mr. noodle and our portable DVD player.

so, this Amy Butler covers the back of the album. its unadorned at the moment, so i figured this was just as good (if not better) than me scanning it. oh, and the binding is a solid hunk of royal purple. i'm very pleased with the results of covering that album

Sunday, i was exhausted. after scrapbooking for 20 or so hours between the two previous days, i was spent. my back ached. my hands ached. my eyes were strained. i needed my day of rest. instead, we went and got a few flower pots so i could transfer a succulent and some ivy around the house. once they were replanted and i had consumed a very refreshing cranberry, pom, and vodka beverage, i was in a very nice place for the remainder of our weekend.

today, i plan on finishing some mother's day things i didnt do this weekend because they have to be in the mail tomorrow. i think its going to rain today as well, so i guess its a good day have some rainy day activities lined up. i have the boy set up with some crayons right now, but i think he's about ready for a mid-day bath, snack and then, hopefully, nap. maybe i can even get a few more scans done and a few more projects finished. in celebration of cino de mayo (because i'll use any excuse to buy themed napkins and/or toothpicks with little flags on them) we're having bean dip, tacos, and margaritas. maybe i'll make the dip and margaritas early...

have a good day!

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