would you?

call a friend out for ignoring/snubbing you? if so, how? if not, why?


KiS said...

that would depend on the reason, how much i like them and if it's even worth my time to bother. need more details.

Lee said...

Nope. Any good friend will either apologize later for their rudeness, or make it up to you. Friends you have to chase aren't really friends!

hollystar said...

very true. thats what i was thinking lee. but this friend in particular is one odd bug. she whines when no one acknowledges her, but doesnt seem to find the time to reciprocate. no thank you.

kis, i like this girl. i've known her a while. but, i cant say its totally worth the effort either.

Kirbs said...

If she's that way, then I wouldn't bother. Maybe she's gotten tired of whining and has resorted to snubbing.

KiS said...

then i wouldn't bother, if it doesn't matter that much to you she likely won't be a lifelong friend anyway

Kelly said...

Does she know she is ignoring/snubbing you? Have you called her and talked to her about it?

Some people don't seem to understand people deal with things in their life differently. If it's a close friend that you have known long enough to have open communication, maybe you should call her instead of taking advice from other people who don't even know the situation. I'm not saying I do, or understand it, but I'm not going to tell you that she isn't your friend just because you claim she is ignoring you. Sorry.


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