amazon.com be damned.

today i ordered a ceiling fan , a downrod extention for said ceiling fan, a remote to control afore mentioned ceiling fan, a butter dish, diapers, and a gardening book.

i also needed some dish soap and bubble bath, but amazon was out. i'm thinking of adding some noodle bowls to my order before its too late!!!


Lee said...

You have amazon prime I assume?... Nick has it, I use it all the time... totally awesome.

I am definitely sold on ceiling fans from myh brief Texas stint, it's a shame they didn't catch on really in CA.

hollystar said...

amazon prime indeed. it gets the job done... and quickly at that.

it is ashame. the summers here are pretty lame with out one. our house came with one upstairs over the "dinning" area. the 1st summer i didnt use it. the 2nd summer in the house i used it everyday and it worked miricles. now i ordered the same exact fan (the one i linked) to put in the "living" area. technically the same room. after last year's over-heated baby puke fests, i really hot it cools things off enough to avoid said puke fests.

from what i've been told, as long as you have access to the space above the ceiling (no, not the roof. between there), its pretty dang easy to install a ceiling fan. or that much cheaper to hire a trained professional to do it.

i highly recommend ceiling fans to anyone in a climate that, at any time of year, is more comfortable with a nice breeze.

maybe i'll get a couple more fans for the bedrooms....

Kristi said...

I think you should get one for every room....We gave in and got a/c last summer for the brief season we need it and i'll never go back....never....shudder...that first summer with a newborn who is always on you and middle of the night feedings were horrible...

KiS said...

why oh why can't i order these things on amazon.ca?


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