... that scrapbookage update i was talking about week ago:

I haven't added journalling to this page yet. I'm not sure i'm going to. These are photos are from the first time we went to Happy Hollow . a very fun place for a couple of little boys. How are you supposed to know that Happy Hollow is where these photos were taken? See that little flash of copper in the lower right corner? That is one of those smushed pennies you can obtain at most tourist destinations. It has Danny the Dragon on it. I think its enough.

You&Me is a quickie LO to show off a little of the good time huband and i when we went out for our anniversary. not photo'd is the cards we exchanged that are adhered to the page protector in our family album.

I don't like it. Actually i dont like the title lettering and the stickles (glittery junk) around the title. we'll see. it might grow on me.

I found the photo of my mom and I from a disney world vacation in 1999. she looks so happy there. it made me think about how hard this past year has been on her and how much better things are looking. i thought it was a good photo to play with along with my favorite beatles photo and one of my favorite beatles song... who says you have to use your photos or your words when scrapbooking? especially when the perfect words/photos already exists?

During our last trip to houston, my cousin's little girl was really into painting nails. so, of course, the boogerbear ended up with pink tootsies.

Father's Day card for husband. the inside reads: "its what's on the inside that counts" and then some sappy junk.
Birthday card for husband.

Birthday card for a good friend of mine. oh, i put brads through each one of those little flowers and then i glued them each on one by one... i think that confirms my mental state.

Just a little ribbon and doodling on the inside of the card after i spend half an hour or more with those teeny tiny brads and flowers...

we're leaving for houston soon for 3ish weeks. i'm taking some of my junk with me and one of my favorite scrapbook stores is pretty near by, so i hope to return with something new and exciting done...


KiS said...

i love the one for your anniversary. must go find scraps and glue them togther. perhaps i'll glue all the flowers i can find on to one piece of paper and mail it to you???

hollystar said...

ok, but only if i can take that piece of paper, glue it to a lamp shade, add some ribbon and send it back to you. :)

KiS said...



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