up, up, and again?

cereal? i dont need sleep any longer. i hit the hay about 6am last, er this morning and was almost animate when the boogerbear started to stir around 9:30. after 4-ish hours of sleep and an action packed day of costco-ing (saturday mornings are the best at our costco! there are the same amount of people as there are on week days, but ALL of the registers are open. who would have thought they could be so smart?) and visits to our favorite furniture stores for replacement knobs & brackets needed to repair damage the boogerbear has inflicted, you would think i would be pooped. no, not me. i just thought i would share my amazing new superhero power before i clean our floors and swap the laundry. if anyone needs me, just look into the night sky and call out for the sleepless wonder. hopefully i wont have already crashed by then...

ps. is insomnia contagious? if so, can it be transmitted to pets? if not, our poodle brings a whole new meaning to the whole pets who are like their people thing as he apparently thinks 1am is the best time to play living room fetch.

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Kristi said...

Wow. Impressive. I'd be a complete zombie!


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