tasty tuesday!

Today's tasty tuesday is brought to you by the letter B.

BUZZY BEES! tracked down @ superbuzzy.com. awesome site for japanese fabric/notions/misc. i love the cutie pie flowers and the happy little bees. i would love to cover a scrapbook with a little of this. infact, i think i will.

BOAR BRISTLE BRUSHES! so, as my hair has been getting longer, i've been having issues with frizzy hairs and junk. not cool. After many years and haircolors, i'm hip with the shampoo/conditioner/hydration scene, so i knew it wasnt that my hair was dry due to my hair therapy methods. to make a long story short and not all forensic flies on your asses, i bought a new brush today. A oval olivewood boar bristle brush to be exact. when i was searching for what and why and where and how i should tend to my hair properly, i stumbled into a bit of information that i thought was quite informative and, well, on point to think about when buying a hairbrush with the intent of caring for your hair. Excerpt:

"First, decide whether you like an Oval Brush or a Rectangle Brush.

Oval Brushes are great for brushing longer hair as they cover move surface area.
Rectangle Brushes are great for brushing or styling shorter hair.

Second, decide whether you want wooden pins or boar bristles.

The wooden pins are shaped with rounded ends, made of natural hardwoods, smoothly polished and set into a natural rubber flexible cushion. The wood pins are not only gentle on the hair and scalp but also do not generate any static electricity. The cushion and wood pins combine for a very pleasurable experience because they will move through the hair easily and penetrate deeper than a regular brush providing a gentle scalp massage and stimulating circulation. These wood pincushion brushes are excellent for brushing out before and after shampooing or just at the end of a long day. Wooden pin brushes are used more for brushing of the hair rather than styling and work beautifully on Long Hair.

The 100% boar bristles have a natural stiffness yet will "give" as they are drawn through the hair and will not damage your hair. The boar bristles are set in tufts made with individual bristles of different lengths that allow the bristles to penetrate easily through the hair allowing for longer fuller brush strokes. Boar bristles usually will not penetrate the hair as deep as a wooden pin brush and work best after most of the snarls and snags have been removed. Boar bristle brushes should be used on dry hair and are not made for use on wet hair, as the bristles will not penetrate effectively. Boar bristle brushes make great styling brushes and are best used after the wooden pin brush to smooth the hair and distribute natural scalp oils through the hair"

if the hairbrush doesnt smooth the situation, then i believe i will invest in one of these BEADED WIGS. totally!

happy tasty tuesday you kidOs!

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Cute fabric!!


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