tasty tuesday!

Since this past week’s “heat wave” has definitely alerted me to the ever increasing presence of summer, I figure I should share some summer hotness with my loved ones (that means you…)
First up:

A fabulous pair of Grape Ice Cream Earings. I love them. Definitely a calorie friendly way to enjoy a summer treat.

Next: Grilling. I cant think of a summer gone by where I didn’t have something grilled. I’m a big fan of a realatively clean way to keep the heat outside of the kitchen and still get something yummy on the table. For me though, its not all about the meat. I’m the biggest fan of grilled veggies. Not only can you serve them with your grilled flesh, but you can also make extra, store them in the fridge a day or two, and then toss them in a salad with a little vinaigrette of your liking and there’s dinner. I love a asparagus, mushroom, bell pepper, & onion mix seasoned lightly with olive oil, pepper, and a little salt, but don’t let my mix put a damper on your grilling imagination. Oh, and if you need some inspiration in the flesh department, allcooks.com has some helpful hints.

I cant think of a better way to scrap the oncoming summer that with Cosmo Cricket’s new line “Hello Sunshine”. According to the horse’s mouth the new line started shipping last week, so look for it at your local scrapbook store (or online) SOON, very SOON!

Last, but not least, as a parent (and a worry wart) I have to include a little babbling about summer safety. Definitely check out the American Red Cross and their guide for summer safety. Oh, and wear sunscreen. Every day. Its important, I promise.

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Kirbs said...

Make my mouth water...I love me some grilled veggies. I'm feeling quite inspired now. Must go plan barbeque.


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