so many layouts...

but so little natural light to photograph them. tonight i cranked out 5 layouts. unfortunately i only have photos to share of one of the completed layouts and a class project in progress.

I love this photo of my MIL. in her hand is an ever so tiny bud of a flower plucked from her backyard and presented to her by the boogerbear. he may have been naked at the time. i dont recall. either way, it reminds me of what a cutie patootie we have.

Another up and coming class. Obviously not finished, but this is for what we're calling an "advanced" techniqe class. i have some ideas in my head, but i'm not 100% exactly sure where this layout is going at the moment. i thought i would share a little before and after with you guys.

anywho, that insomnia of mine apparently wanted to keep me up long enough to catch the 4am showing of Coming to America. SUCESS! although, i think i was only ment to watch the first hour. the eyes are getting droopy. YAY! good thing too. tomorrow brings an adventure to the local costco for printer ink and milk (fyi, cheapest place for organic milk that i've found even vs. sales, but you need to go through 2gallons a week-ish...) at some point i need to head to the scrapbook store to work on that layout i mentioned earlier(that might wait for monday. hooray for long weekends and husband who will stay at home with the boogerbear), take advantage of the sunshine and get some photos taken of those other pages i finished tonight, do a little laundry, look into flights to houston, take a nap, water the plants (the ones i havent murdered yet), pick up a new knob to our entertainment center, and so on and so forth. crap i'm tired.

the birds are already starting to chrip outside. laying in bed and listening to the birdie birds outside has to be one of my favorite things. although i tend to do it more at the end of my sleep cycle rather than the begining of it. OH WELLS! its good to mix it up from time to time. right? right.

that is all.

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