a comment turned post.

So really, it’s not a big deal. I think the vagueness of the last post is making seem like I’m throwing a little pity party.

I was really asking people if THEY would say something to a "friend". I have already come to my own conclusions on this topic (I’m very good at making decisions), but my hand was sitting dangerously close to the "post" button when I was thinking this matter over. Sometimes thinking out loud can be scary. Shoot, for me, thinking quietly in the corner can be scary.

I think, while maybe aimed at me personally, Kelly makes the best point. A lot of times people don’t know another person's situation and they get their feelers hurt as a result. Perception plays a larger role in people's interpretations than we give it credit. So many times we've all seen something, sucked in our perception, and then drawn our own conclusions even before we have all the facts. Sometimes many actions are taken on those conclusions and cause a lot of damage. I guess it boils down to not thinking yourself the center of the universe and remember that everyone has their own junk going on outside of you no matter how super rad you {think you} are.

But, on the other hand, I wish a lot of people were more open/honest about their situations. Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t secure enough or too shamed to do that. Which is too bad in itself? As a society people are too quick to judge. I know I have been guilty of it (I call television personalities sluts way too often), but I really try not to judge a person, especially at face value. Going back to Kelly, I don’t know their situation, therefore, who the hell am I to judge.

But my thought process isn’t exactly main stream. I’ve been known to be a little too honest lately, a little too forward, but if that is how I feel, then that is what I’m going to say. I’ve told many lies in my lifetime and I’m ashamed of every single one. I’ve messed with people I hold very dearly to me (among you, lee&co)and I’m still getting around to really apologizing for some of the things I’ve done to these people. I learned a valuable life lesion the hard way and what I learned from all of this was that hiding/lying/omitting the truth just digs big, deep, slippery holes that take a long time to get out of, thus my open honestly policy. It’s not for everyone, but it’s how I choose to live my life. Occasionally people get hurt by my word vomit, but I think that sucks. Really, I do. If the truth hurts, then something needs to change the truth. Not a lie. But something real that makes the truth different, something a person wants to hear. (that almost makes sense) I have a hard time apologizing for the truth because of this. (so Kelly, no need to apologize for your personally thoughts/feelings on something. At least not with me. I like it rough...)

The whole point is, I have a habit for calling things like I seem them and I was just wondering what people would do if placed in a hypothetical situation. That’s all. Nice comment huh? Good thing its my blog and I can totally babble at you poor saps who feel obligated to read my junk. XO too all you poor saps…

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