terrific twos...

my ass. The boogerbear has taken a turn for the best, and by best I mean the worst, most horrible and mean direction possible. Pure evil is secreted by the gallon out of this kid daily. For a while there we had a really cute vocabulary including his body parts (and mine…), purple, green, I, love, you (yes, separately), generic barn yard animal noises and so on and so forth. Now, I’m not sure he can say anything other than NOoooo, MEEEEeeeeeee, MIIIIIIINE, [GO,GO,GO,GO] (this is normally said as he’s pulling/pushing a parent around a room), and BAAAAAAAAAAAAALL. Oh wells, this too shall pass. I just thought everyone should know that, if you have a child or many, they are better than my child. Go and give them a kiss on the forehead.

Anywho, that’s been my week. Actually, today the child was much better and we have an action packed day planned for tomorrow including Gymboree, lunch with dad, a possible park play date, our new fangled daily (almost) 2+ mile stroller walk where hopefully he will fall asleep. Last week was so freaking hot I got us all geared up (you know, the swim diapers, 5gallon bucket of sunscreen, new spring float since I cant find last year’s or figure out who I lent it to, dig out my swim suits that fit, launder the beach towels, you get the point) to go to the pool again and, just as I was ready to jump in, it cools down and gets really windy all of the sudden. Oh well, it will warm up again I’m pretty sure.

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KiS said...

poor mama. lately cade is pointing at various men and saying "daddy?"

seriously, people must think that his mama is a ho-bag.



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