Wilhelmina's triumphant return, premature?

Last night, on Ugly Betty, Wilhelmina was allowed to come back to MODE since she now had a surrogate knocked up with the deceased Bradford Meade’s unborn child. This would make perfect sense EXCEPT, legal nonsense doesn’t recognize unborn children on a man’s behalf unless he is married to the child’s mother. Bradford and Wilhelmina never got married, so the will allowing her to have a 1/3rd holding of Meade Publications shouldn’t kick in until the child is born thus allowing the Meade family at least 6months to prepare for Wilhelmina’s attack. Right?

Oh why does the stupid stuff bug me? (turn off you stupid brain! you've done enough damage for one day! just let me be and enjoy some mindless television with out your commentary,) And, is it just me, or was it really hot how Gio said “I don’t want to be the rebound guy. I want to be THE GUY.” Hot, right?

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