tasty tuesday!

ok, new deal. i like these one day of the week special posts that you see all overs the internets. so, i have a buddy who does funday mondays and everyone and their dog does wordless wednesday, whoorl has hair thursdays covered and so many people do fridays as their weekly uber update on something coolz. that brings me to tuesdays. anywho, TASTY TUESDAYS HERE I AM! i find neat stuffs on the internet. some you may have seen before and some not. either way, i hope you enjoyz yous some tasty tuesday! this week is a new find and an old reminder from rare bird finds (i love that place!) as well as a new organization find for those tweekers out there.

husband's birthday is coming up. and he is
made of meat after all.

the nior and nior sheers collection from Julie Hewett are super yummy. awesome coverage and there is literally a shade to match every skintone. i tend not to wear a lot of make-up, but, when i do, i love this little tube of instant glam!

last but not least, i found a new planner. i've been struggling with the easiest way to organize our family's schedules for a while now. in the begining there was two franklin covey binders. then there was the moleskines, which i loved. next i thought using my enV as a daily planner was good, which it was until the phone took a swim in a pool of coffee. after loosing everything on that phone because i didnt think it worthy to back up, i started using outlook. outlook worked well until tyler hit the magic button and outlook got pissed off. i havent searched very deep or reinstalled the software yet, but the experience made me feel like i should go back to paper for my planning needs. i wanted a new moleskine, but the best i could do was pre-order the 18month planner that is coming out for august2008. i pre-ordered and searched for something temporary for the now. through the glory of the internet i found theBusyBodyBook in an amazon bargin bin. i have been using it for about two weeks now and i love it! the grid is so flexible, it accommodates all of my shenanigans and there is room to spare for what they ingeniously call “to-doodles” which is exactly how I plan. I’m currently using the past 4 months of 2008 to organize my current stationary customers with the help of sticky notes and paper clips. its a small enough size (about 6x8"ish) to stash in a purse like bag and durable enough to rumble around in there with toddler tidbits. if nothing else, i do think that this is a great freeform planner for those in an organization rut and/or like to mold their planners to fit them perfectly. this badboy fits like a glove.

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