tasty tuesday!

keep calm and carry on.

yes, i try, but i have admired this poster since i spotted at the back of an issue of domino magazine. why the love? i really just love/appreciate that era and the sentiment behind this poster being plastered all over england. anywho, i put my new love for this poster on the back burner until i opened up an envelope of yumminess from a fellow SISter. inside that envelope was a postcard that is a miniture reproduction of this poster. i fully plan on framing this postcard until i get around to ordering my own full sized copy of this poster.

OH-ho-ho.but the love doesnt stop there, i also ordered a stamp when i preordered the new sassafrass lass "life at the pole". i try not to buy too many stamps these days, but how could i pass this guy up?

last, but not least, i foundsfgirlbybay's etsy shop where she is selling fabulous hand silk-screened reproductions of this poster in awesome colors! a way easier alternative from odering it from accross the pond! i need to fit it in to buy one these guys. i guess i will just add it to the list...

happy tasty tuesday everyone!


A Free Man said...

That's pretty much British culture in five words. One of the things that impressed me about them when we were living over there. Even after the bombings in London on 7/7, they just got on with things.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

What a brilliant sign. I think that pretty much goes for Swedes, too. I think I may have to get my hands on something like that soon.


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