easing back into reality.

christmas was wonderful. so much good food and good company. now, the house is a disaster and i have no idea where to start. so much christmas to clean up. our poor trash collectors are going to hate me this week. we opened gifts with husband's family at our house this year and we have so much recycling. our FULL bin went out friday. i brought it back in that afternoon and completely filled it again AND i broke down a stack of boxes at least a foot high. ugh. oh wells. 

i have a huge to do list. things like:

~clean up and put away christmas

~finish january class album for Memories Live On

~finish and mail atc swaps for january (i have 6 swaps this month!)

~work on some samples for memories live on

~figure out possible travel to houston

~see who/what's going on for new year's eve (really hoping for a few friends and family coming over for board games, munchies and watching the ball drop. dorky hats and noise makers included)

~clean out toddler from car.

~hang super cool pottery barn shelving so i can organize designated crafting area

~continue shopping for clearance ornaments. (i have big plans for wreaths next year)

~update blog (check)

~update blog with holiday photos

~load photos

~post cookie recipes and inform joe that while husband does not weigh 400lbs, i have added a little to him since we met. 

all of which i fully intend on doing. soon at that. right....

merry belated christmas and happy early new year if i dont get back to you kiddies!

sunshine and bunnies, 



Joe said...

any chance of you swinging over this direction to help me with a similar list???

Not Afraid to Use It said...

That's why I sent my husband home first. To get everything cleaned up before the kids arrive and wreck things again.

A Free Man said...

Good luck on that list. I've stopped making lists because it's too depressing when I can't finish them. ;)


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