well, it finally happened...

my laptop charger is toast. over a year of bending and twisting and pulling and packing and moving and living and its finally in a better place with all of the other mistreated electronics that have passed through my life. i blog to you now on my last half full battery charge not knowing when the new charger will show up or how many new posts i will have on my feed reader when it finally does. with hope, i will see all of you in 3-5 days. until then, its tweets and email checks via the cell phone....

note: a couple days of posts are scheduled. enjoy. *sniff, sniff*

not a note: why the fuck are laptop chargers so hard to replace?!?!?!

1 comment:

Joe said...

You could use a charger from Radio Shack if you could get the right connector. Most laptops charge at 19vdc. If you were to get an 18vdc charger with equal (or close mA output) and the right connector... you'd be all set. But... I'm too late for this to matter, eh?


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