o christmas tree

our tree is freakin huge this year. i thought we had like a 7 foot tree last year. i was wrong. it had to have been closer to 6. i say this because this year's tree is somewhere around 8ft and it dwarfs last year's tree. anywho, its in the house and decorated. i think my tree has developed a theme finally. i'm going to call it a "handmade toy wonderland" erm... well yea. i have a few hand pieced sequin ornaments that my grandma sent me and some felt ornaments that are adorable. other than my "keepsake" ornaments, most of the stuff on the tree came from kmart of all places. martha has a line of candy/cookie/toy themed stuff that i adore. i got a wooden bell and russian doll that are so cute along with some tin cars and wagons. and the painted jingle ball is so cool. all those glittery balls come from kmart too, like a dozen for $5 or so. i bought most of it last year, but they have the same stuff this year again so i think i will be making a december 26th trip there. i normally wouldnt shop at kmart, but its the only store in our town that i could buy christmas lights and staples for my staple gun in the same swoop. actually, they didnt even have the staples. anywho, i hope your trees are just as fabulous as i think mine is.

fancy glass bird i got last year at a little boutique while shopping with my mom. she has the same one on her tree. this is also the only glass ornament i would allow on my tree. all the other balls are shatterproof which i HIGHLY recomend for anyone with a small child.

i really like these polka dot balls. i have all the colors from the martha collection, but i want more. i saw that michael's had some glittery balls that had dots too. might need to see if they have any of those left after christmas.

giant painted jingle ball. it really jingles. the boy has proven so time and time again.

love the russian dolls. i'm not calling them by their real name because i will more than likely misspell it, but what else it new?

love this little wooden bird!

husband's grandma made this ornament when my MIL and FIL were married still. on the back its dated 1978 on the back. happy 30th bday ornament!

one of the sequin ornaments i got out of my grandma. its so cute!

the whole tree. not a great photo at all, but i will get more. soon. maybe even better ones. notice the wooden bead garland towards the bottom. its perfect! its only one strand. no others exists. i'm sad. 


sarah said...

wow holly!!! i love all of those ornaments. so unique and and so pretty!! and that is one gigantic tree! :)


Joe said...

Fake trees FTW!!!

hollystar said...

uhh... who has a fake tree? not me. this bad boy is fresh off the lot!


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