late electrician + holly* in cleaning mode = kawaii giveaway for you!!!

yea, so i'm sitting around, waiting on an electrician that was supposed to be here two hours ago. nothing. i decided to stuff an envelope full of goodies for a friend of mine and a SIS and i thought "why not do one for the blog?" i told myself it was ok and here it is...

btw, the envelope isnt even closed yet, so who knows what else will get in there!!! (for instance the adorable little stickers i just remembered i had...) you have until friday, midnight pacific to leave a comment, oh, about anything to enter your name into the hat i will draw one lucky winner from. good luck!

oh, and the poodle says hi!


LadyMissSusan said...

Guess I'm the first one! Doncha just hate waiting on service people? I do. My friend has a black poodle and you can't see anything but her little eyes too! Happy day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! How awesome that a late electrician causes you to clean, organize and be generous on top of it! They usually just make me cranky!

Thanks for sharing!
ReneeInLA (at SiS)

Kellie said...

Hi there! :)
Uggh, waiting around huh, well they probably are eating donuts and gossiping somewhere...umm err, haha...guess they must be busy, but it gave you time to put up such an awesome rak!!! :)
Your poodle is adorable, tell him woof back for me. ;)
Smiles across the miles...:)


Nichol said...

ooh! cute stuff youre giving away. Kawaii is awesome!

Katie said...

oh pick me pick me!! How do you get your twitter updates on your blog like that?!?

linda loe said...

Ohh this gorgeous. i love the kawaii stuf crossing my fingers and hope you pick me :-D

judean said...

oh, funness. good for you doing something productive while you were waiting around instead of just wasting time on the internet. which is what I would have done. ahem. anyways...I love all that kawaii cuteness!!

hollystar said...

update on lame electrician:

i called after waiting for them for 4 hours. apparently they called to cancel (because the dude hurt his back) this morning but my phone was disconnected so the receptionist couldnt get through. um. HELLO! i'm calling you on my "disconnected" phone!!! do you people really want business and monies? no? ok, i called the insurance people back and they found me a new electrician who is supposed to be showing up between 2-4. fingers crossed.

{ Kristina } said...

Ooh, that candy looks great! :D


Angela Spangela said...

I'm so glad I don't have a house or an apartment where I have to deal with things like that...for now anyways. Within a year I'll have my own big girl apartment. Haha

Thanks for sharing!

sarah said...

hey holly! :)

since our place is being remodeled, i totally know how you feel. i have to sit and wait around for contractors to come in and out! it's SUPER SUPER SUPER annoying.

...i'm glad you cleaned up tho!

i was meaning to ask you... what stores do you teach at? i think that was you who told me you previously taught at a lss.


Joe said...

I called Dish Network recently to come look at my system because it went out. They said they'd call about 2 hours before getting to my house. She told me that THREE TIMES on the phone. Never called... BUT, he did show up, so I guess I shouldn't complain ;)

mommyknows said...

OOOO ... fun! I'd love to win. I love surprises too. What a great idea.

Jodi said...

My mother in law is hosting thanksgiving for 21 people, and guess what? Her stove went last Thursday. When she called to have someone come look at it, they said the earliest they could come would be December 1st!! Crazy!

Lovely goodies, and what a sweet dog!

Lorena said...
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