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how about a random things post? ok. sounds good.

~so, as i mentioned before, i was MIA thanks to a severly abused power cord and slacking on ordering a new one. i spent most of last week in a benadryl daze (due to misc all over itching. i still itch. i dont know why. its not dry skin and i dont have a rash/bumps. mysterious. i wish it would stop) and not getting near as much done as i would have liked. benedryl makes for a smeepy holly*
~i did get all of the halloween decoration off of the house and back into their storage container. (check mark for holly*)
~we had dinner sunday night for husband's dad's birthday. two things about husband's dad: he's is a bit of a hermit and i think he's pretty much scared of me. husband says its because i have boobs. regardless, last night was a very enjoyable experience. he seemed to be coping better with the existance of other people. oh, and husband's granny came too! she was very lively last night. we gave her a beer. why is it so amusing when almost 90 year old women accept your offer for a beer?
~working on christmas cards. i think i got a little over ambitious here. i'm making 150 cards. 100 for family, friends and co-workers (yea, and i weeded out some people this year!) and then 50 that i plan on putting in my etsy shop within the next week. the quantity isnt so much of the problem as the quality i'm putting into them. each one will be a mixture of hand stamped and embossed. its taking a lot of time, but i think they look fabulous so far!
~i signed myself up to have thanksgiving at our house this year. my MIL is having gallbladder issues and would like to have her surgery over her thanksgiving break (she's taking 16 units this semster!) and our options were to have thanksgiving at our house or to eat out. the june cleaver in me just couldnt let our family eat out on such and important holiday. so, with tastefully decorated card tables and outsourcing turkey duties to a grandma, we will being having a minimum of 13 people in our house and the possibility of 21 on thanksgiving day. i'm scared.
~swaps over at SIS are going well. i'm caught up and loving the things i've gotten back! small issue with a package going to canada, but i hope it will show up soon! happy mail isnt something i think i will do again. at least not in the fall. too much going on and i hate the idea that my partner and i havent given each other the attention we would have liked. even though happymail is technically over, i'm going to keep sending her goodies when i do get the chance,
~i havent gotten a whole lot of scrapbooking done lately due to halloween projects, swaps and i'm really trying to get on the stick for christmas gifting. i have ideas for pretty much everyone. the scarves are about half way done, the BIL's gift is halfway done, i have a pattern made for the kiddie guitars i was going to sew and stuff, and i have matterials gathered for the minibooks i wanted to do.
~this saturday i'm doing a mega crop at scrapbook island (10am-11pm) and i really hope to get loads of personal stuff done.
~friday, after husband gets off work, we're going to drive up to berkley and have dinner with one of his buddies. he's what i would call a foodie, has a girlfiend who works at a farmers market (and barters for some fabulous yummies) and i'm hoping to get some food inspiration from him. i'm bored with cooking lately.
~this week i'm planning on eating smaller. i have so many knives that which i'm juggling and i hate every night i make this big production in the kitchen, make a huge mess and i still dont have a fabulously, wonderful, new and exciting meal on the table. examples of my "smaller" meals include: spinach salad (with a little chicken along with the normal goodies), bagels with creamcheese and salmon, and oatmeal.
~i've been on an oatmeal kick lately.
~i just found out that hero arts (makers of some of my all time FAVORITE stamps. asside from the coordinating sets from sassafras lass, or course) are located in richmond, ca. very cool and pretty close. i must remember to inquire if they do studio tours or they have a shop where i can go and touch and buy. because i will. those christmas cards i mentioned earlier are covered in hero arts stamps. literally.
~the boogerbear is obsessed with satsuma mandarine. he's had 4 today already and i had to cut him off!

ok, i think thats enough randomness. i hope to put up a tasty tuesday tomorrow, but i dont know the at will have the time to hunt down something tasty today. maybe i will make a hero arts stamp wish list. seriously, i love those stamps!

hope everyone is well!!!
xoxo, holly*


Anonymous said...

sounds like have you been completely swamped. hope things are getting better on your end! :)

excited for thanksgiving?


Joe said...

my oatmeal kicks only last about 2 days.... then I move back to not eating breakfast for a few weeks.


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