hello blog. how are you?

i'm doing good. busy. but busy is good. i totally got the christmas decorations up. one day this week we're planning on going to pick out a tree and i will decorate it accordingly. then, this weekend, i'm planning on stapling lights to the house. griswald style. gifting is working out well. i still have loads to make for people, but i have lists completed. the small child has come down with a cold. he's a bit pathetic. all snotty and scratchy sounding. he's holding up the christmas cards though. i was planning on slipping in a picture with santa into them, but there is no way i'm taking him for another round with santa in his condition. round one with santa was quite interesting. we had been talking about going to see santa and he was cool with that, but, as soon as i asked him to sit on santa's lap, he was clingier than one of those koala bear's that holds onto things. you know the ones. so yea, no picture with santa.

anywho, i should finish packaging up the cards and tags that will be for sale at Memories Live On shortly. woots. (easier than etsy for this round.)

until next time...

sunshine and bunnies,


A Free Man said...

Good to see you in my reader again! We'll be Santa picture-less as well as the boy is not interested in chubby strangers!

Joe said...

whew.... thank goodness I'm not the only one that's slacking with blog duties. I'll do better if you do.


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