i dont wanna grow up...

so, when husband and i got hitched we got new glassware as a gift. at the time i thought it was the right thing to do and retire the random brewery pint glass collection. we were grown ups after all and grown ups dont only have bar glasses as there daily glassware. right? fastforward 3 years later and we've broken most of our grown up glasses and something tells me that were not really grown ups. but thats ok. in fact, i think its best. unfortunately, while we have enough glasses for our own personal daily use, we do not however have enough for the pack of people coming into our home for thanksgiving. i could just go out and buy more glasses to match our existing glassware. i could. but they're boring. and they break. clearly. instead, i think i'm going to do two things.

1. buy a set of 24 dirt CHEAP juice glasses for wine and maybe even juice (doubtful) because we long ago established we are not allowed to use actual wine glasses. especially in the presence of husband's friend AJ who was infamous for his breaking of crystal and stemware. these will come in most handy come thanksgiving.

2. reinstate the random brewery pints.

i mean they say something about us. most of them have been collected at places we've visited (alone or together) and, well, they're dang sturdy. sure it adds a bit of frat to my kitchen, but who's to say my kitchen doesnt need that. i would like to add a few more so i can have a set of 10 or 12. i think i'm going to order at least one pint glass of every style from the stone brewery online store. and that will bring us up to 10. well i dont think i will order the stout glass. they dont stack well.


sarah said...

unique glasses are always better! it adds character to the kitchen, wouldn't you say?! hehe.


A Free Man said...

I quite like the random brewery pints. We have quite a few and every one of them reminds me of something.


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