ok, i'm bored with halloween.

not really, but its been non-stop halloween all week. so i stuff treat bags for our party on friday i ask myself: was making 8 stuffed owls really a good idea? i seriously have blisters on my right middle finger knuckle from cutting all this crap. now i MUST sew them. MUST. most of the party is prep'd. we have "owl dropping: dip, curddled goats milk" spread, "OWLoween" pizza for the kiddies and so on and so forth. crafts for the kids are good to go. all i have left are those effing owls and the pumpkins husband and i are carving tonight.

ok, how about a break from halloween and onto christmas. nevermind thanks giving.

STAR TREK NUTCRACKERS?!?!?! how flippin cool are these?!?!? i want. i need. i must have.

ok. back to halloween for a bit.


A Free Man said...

What do you mean never mind Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is the only holiday I like!

Joe said...

I still haven't carved pumpkins yet. Maybe I should do that today.

Joe said...

I still haven't carved pumpkins yet. Maybe I should do that today.

sarah said...

oh my! i totally want those too! that is so flippin hilarious!


Sasha said...

okay blisters boo..Ima need you to soak them bad boys .. and oh my goodness tell me why I was jammin to snoop dog .. LOL ..

love it

KiS said...

too bad you're so far away, we would have invited ourselves to your shindig. i carved a pumpkin at 10am on Halloween and we got as grand total of 3 door knocks. pathetic! but Cade was a very cute skunk to greet them:)

i'm all over Christmas, and since we're Candadian, our Thanksgiving is done, so nothing stands in my way!


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