as my husband would say "...and make it snappy."

ok, thats a family joke. when DH was little he hung out at his paternal grandma's a lot. his half-brother (same mother) went to visit one time and claims DH told his grandma to make him some spaghetti-os and "to make it snappy." DH denies it all. i believe he would have said something like that because he still says things like that...

but, i digress. omg. my head is spinning. there is so much going on that i dont even have time to worry about the emotional ramifications of going to houston (i.e. the whole step-dad isssue.) today i started the mad panic towards getting us to houston for thanksgiving/babies-shower2007 (still no RSVPs!!!) and i always forget how much work packing all of us up is. PLUS, i'm trying to get all of my christmas stuff ready for my family back home done so i can put it under the tree at my grandma's house in person (and not pay shipping). so, on that front i'm good. i got everyone's gift bought/ordered (amazon, yaya!!!!). the only person in my family left is another gift for my mom when she comes up here on christmas day. no big deal. i have plenty of time for that. i've also been working on the anual christmas card. they're in assmbly line mode atm. hopefully i can finish the last 10/75 tomorrow so i only have to label/address them when i get home. fyi, next year we're doing the picture people post cards i believe. SPEAKING OF, we did the boogerbear's annual christmas portrait there today and IT WENT SO WELL! it was such a better deal than last year's nonsense. i spent like $400 last year and got a sitting fee, 4 sheets of wallets, 1 sheet of 4*6 and 1 8*10! this year i spent a little over $200 and got one of their 4-opening frame (with photos already mounted), 3 wallet sized frames to use as decoration with this year's and last year's photos inside, 2 sheets of wallets, 1-8*10, and 1 sheet of 4*6. the photos are totally cute and the photographgers worked so well with the boogerbear. i'll scan & take a photo of the framed stuff once i get them up (after houston i presume). so, now its finishing laundry and sorting everything for the suitcase. i swear i wouldnt stress so much if i didnt have to worry so much about the weight restrictions on suitcases. i mean, dont these people know babies are heavy and so is all their crap?!?!1?

this may be the last post before i return. if so, everyone please have a happy thanksgiving! i am very thankful for all my friends/readers out there and wish you a very happy holiday.

XOXO! holly

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I have tried to leave multiple comments during the past few days and something is on the fritz... just know that Lacy an I say hello!


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