home for the holidays

well, we made it back and i've been unpacking/cleaning/laundering/comtemplating dectorating for the past couple days now. i'm in full tweeker overload mode currently. i can hardly sit still, so expect pictures of projects and not so much actual posts for the next couple days. i love the holidays. well, the holidays we get to spend at home. dont get me wrong, we had a nice thanksgiving. it was the most "normal" visit we've had in houston for a very long while. but, its just nice to be home and in the nest i've settled into. i've had a surge of enery since we've been back. hopefully it will last through the next week, so i can get the house in good shape again and everything decorated. i'm guessing we're going to get a christmas tree this weekend (kinda early for a live tree, imo) since it looks like the hubs will be leaving for dresden on the 8th. i dont see him helping me with that task on a weeknight. well, time to scoot. ITS napping and i have christmas cards to finish!!!!

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