the most eventful day of my parenting life....

yesterday was just insane for the boogerbear and his mommy. so, tyler got his "scrape" first thing in the morning and it should have been a sign. a really, really bad one.

ok, so, FIRST i KNOW its not as bad as i am or was feeling or making it seem for that matter, but tyler chipped his right front tooth last night. i didnt even know it happened. (thats the part that really make me feel bad about the whole tooth thing) the events went like this:

i was in bed andjust about to turn out the lights but first i was admiring him as i do nightly and i kiss the little scratch he got on his chin earlier when he was (SUPRISE) climbing on the exercise thing as mommy told him not to and couldnt get him off of it fast enough before he fell. (fyi, after he fell i moved the machine into the wall/corner so he couldnt get onto it as easily or dangerously. i was then and am even more so now sick of that machine and i want it OUT of this house. and it will be soon. i think i have a buyer coming tomorrow for it!!! yay!) it wasnt a big fall. just a little trip. one he's taking more than a million times already. as i was looking at the scratch, his little mouth was open and i could see his toofers EXCEPT the tiny corner of his right front toofer is MISSING!!!!! ah!!! panic!!! he must have done that when he fell on that gdamned machine!!! (HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!) ok, so i immediately pull up the online resources and find this is the most common thing said about a chipped tooth with out any other syptoms (i.e. bleeding, swollen gums, etc..):

"If the tooth is chipped but it doesn't seem to be bothering your toddler, schedule an appointment for the dentist to evaluate whether there are underlying cracks or other damage you can't see. She can also repair the tooth by filing it or patching it with bonding material, if you decide it's important for cosmetic reasons"

well his gums looked fine and he ate with no problems all evening, but his tooth is chipped none the less. so, i first thing this morning i called the pediatrician who said this stuff happens, but he doesnt see kids for it and i should to call our dentist who said this stuff happens, but he doesnt see toddlers and recommended a pediatric dentist who said this stuff happens, but wasnt seeing new patients at this time and gave me the number of a pediatric dentist who says this stuff happends and tyler has an appointment with him tomorrow morning. yea.

something was up yesterday! first his leg and then this. i sat infront of our PC at 1:30am balling, having a total meltdown while i emailed the hubby (i cant get a hold of him directly thanks to samsung policy) and unknowing what to make of the whole thing. all i could think was that he's falling apart and its all my fault. asking myself why cant i even keep our kid's teeth intact for the short time he's had them? this was the first itme i've really doubted myself as a mom and it totally, completely SUCKED! i felt like i couldnt even keep him from hurting himself in our own house! no matter what efforts i've taken by babyproofing to the Xtreme! and watching him like a hawk constantly, none of it seemed good enough at this point to me. i didnt seem good enough.

ok, so all of tyler's "injuries" are minor, but its all still new to me. i've been told so many times that toddlers do this kind of stuff, but, again, its still new to me. i doubt the panic feeling will ever be removed from my core in a situation where my child is potentially hurt to any extent, BUT i dont feel quite so much like these injuries were ALL MY FAULT. he has to learn some how i suppose, but, dangit, cant he learn with less blood and keep all incisors in the condition they arrived in? please? i'll totally give you a dollar...

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Kelly said...

poor babe :( I, too, have heard that it happens pretty often with toddlers. As long as it's not their permanent teeth, but still, it sucks.
Not too much longer and the hubs will be back :)


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