not a lot going on...

in fact, the past few days have been pretty boring. the boogerbear has chilled out from the self-destruct mode he was in last week and i've come to realize i'm a very clean and frugal person when DH isnt around. weird. he's such a laid back person that he makes me do lazy things too, for instance: sitting on the couch watching tv instead of doing laundry or dishes, sitting on the couch watching tv instead of going for a walk, sitting on the couch watching tv instead of making dinner. but since he's been gone i've quite naturally drifted into the non-lazy actions. hum. figures. even with out the diet pills, the "diet" has been going well with out the husband's influences. i've been eating: fruit for breakfast or sometimes oatmeal, because thats what tyler eats, a sammich for dinner, fruit leather for snacks, and kashi cereal for dinner. its just easier that way. i have made a can of tortilla soup with some spanish rice and i never neglect taco tuesday, but for the most i've been eating like a bachelor and it works (not to mention cheap!) i dont think i can get away eating like this much longer unless i make & freeze more food for the boogerbear. my stockpile of babysized meals is almost depleated. (fyi: when i make soups, pastas, chicken and rice, ect... i stash a couple little glad containers for days i dont cook for the baby. i like to know whats going in him no matter what i'm putting in me)oh, well. it looks like DH might come home as early as wednesday so i think i can hold out on the food front, but i'm so looking forward to him coming home. i seem to be able to handle the day to day of the boogerbear, but the uncharted waters of toddlerhood are pretty dang scary... but, DH has been gone long enough and it looks like the tool they're installing is ahead of schedule so there is very little foreseeable (?) reason for him to stick around those extra couple days. YAY!!! *does little victory dance* who knew that life could be so functional but so vacant with out him? i'de rather gain 5lbs than not have him back at home... tehehe.

anywho, sorry to be so dull, but thats life. anywho, i'm off to start organizing our packing for the upcoming houston trip (we depart this saturday and dont return for a bit over a week). sounds like fun.

oh yea, and keep an eye on my twitter because i plan to do updates via my cell phone while i'm away from the interweb!!?@!#@

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