my husband can, no, cant read.

so, today my child scraped himself. there was blood. it made me sick to my tummy. i emailed my husband, because what else would i do???? (ok, so i emailed my husband AFTER i cleaned the owie and gave him a bandaid, but saying i just emailed the hubby makes things sound so much more dramatic for some reason...)

the emails/phone call went as follows:

ME (email to the hubby):
"so, our son was playing daredevil this moring in the bedroom. He
decided that turning his stepstool by the bed upside down was the best
way to use it. In the process of using it he got hung an fell over
backwards. Ad he did so he got a huge (like 2-1/2in long, 1/4in wide) gash
in his left thigh that totally makes me nausious. I got him in the
bath to clean it with water and saop (and to calm him down a bit) then
i swiped a giant knee and elbow bandaid from that super smart purchase
of a first aid kit(i like my 1st aid kits!). It doesnt seem to be bugging him. It stopped bleeding and its know deep enough for (eep!) stitches, but it freaked
me out none the less!!! I feel like a neglectful mommy... Poo :...( "

ME: hello?
HUBBY: did you take him to the hospital?
ME: huh?
HUBBY: i thought he needed stitches?
ME: why? who?
HUBBY: ARHG! that baby!
ME: um. read my email again.
HUBBY: oh. nvm.

THE HUBBY (email sent shortly before call was made):
"What did he hit?? Did you take him to the hospital if he needs stiches??"
[my thoughts: how can such a smart man be so absent sometimes?]

ME(in response to the last email):
"hehe. its only funny because i got an image of me getting out my
sewing machine instead of taking him to the hospital..."

what the heck kind of mom does this man think i am? i can only sigh here, there really is no other response. oh, and, to top it off, the boogerbear got blood on the WHITE duvet I JUST WASHED. oh, what the heck, its just a little more laundry...

yes, i labeled this under "sewing" for good humor.


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