yay! i made some stuff! (ooo... and watched ugly betty)

ok, so its not the most challenging thing i have made, but (yes, its more babies shower junk) i made the corsages for the mom-to-be and the grandmas-to-be.

the mom-to-be corsage is perfect in a very over-the-top way in my opinion. i used lots of big, pretty, fairytale-esque flowers with glitter and everything and put two of these abnoxious "fairy tale" rubber duckies (their really the party favors/decoration) right smack in the middle of the whole thing. i absolutely LOVE it!!! i only hope the mom-to-be apreciates me making this crap and maybe it will actually mean something to her. *big smiles* here's some pictures:

YAY! over the top and silly!!!

for the grandmas-to-be's i went really simple (i.e. left over flowers)

so, omg! suprise, suprise! willy didnt get married to bradford, but, NO WAYz!, bradford had a heartkaboom! well, at least betty moved on with her relationship with henry. i really hope he sticks around after his baby is born. or gets custody of the baby and screws that charlie whore. i hope henry didnt get the clap from that yucky. OH and Christina's husband coming back and about to DIE! i wonder if she's going to hop back into willy's pocket to get the cash to save him?!?! ooo! i wonder if the writers for ugly betty are on strike too? i would totally go write for them. cross the picket line and everything. yea, i'm a scab! i just need my weekly dose of the ugly....

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