winter layers and strollers

well, the hubs will be off again. not to dresden as expected, but to freakin minnesota! its actually not that bad though. he'll be leaving monday morning and get back friday. i think the boogerbear and i can handle that. minnesota is freakin cold! its like TEN degrees there!!! i need to buy ben some more winter layers when i'm out today!

so things are busy around here. i'm working hard to keep the hubby and i on a "weight watchers" friendly meal plan. as for an update on the weight loss, i havent lost any weight and i didnt gain any until i went to houston for a week and came back 3lbs heavier. (hey the 8lb poodle thats laying in bed with me gained a whole pound, so in ratio me gaining 3lbs isnt too shabby!) so, i stopped taking the diet pills for a little over a month due to confusion between my doctor, her nurses, and the pharmacy techs at the local drug store. with that cleared up, i'm back on the meth... i mean phentermine pills and loosing wieght again. down to 222 (a shocking number i know, but i'm being honest here!) so that makes a whole 23.5lbs down! (ah! i cant believe i posted that!!!)

with weight loss in mind, i've been trying to go on fairly serious walks/hikes with a graco jogging stroller that i got off our baby registry before i knew anything about strollers. the boogerbear, a buddy of mine and her baby are all going to right start today in palo alto to pick up a new stroller for the boogerbear and i. now that i've learned about and actually in need of a good outdoor stroller i've decided to go with the bob revolution in orange no less. this is my second stroller purchase in the past year, the 1st being a combi cosmo that i'm starting to have a few issues with (the boogerbear can put his feet on the front wheels! that sucks while i'm trying to push it. 1. it can hurt his little tootsies and 2. it p*sses me the heck off!) while the cosmo was great at the beginging, i wanted something compact when folded (check), something compact when unfolded (check), and something very light weight thats easy to carry (double check). but now the stroller seems a little flimsy and the handle bar while perfect height for me at 5'5" is very not perfect for anyone taller, i.e. anyone else in my family. oh well, i think with today's purchase i'm finally going to get babygear that will be long lasting. i'm sure in time i will decide to buy another lightweight stroller as well. i've been looking at the maclarens and a couple from peg perego. too many choices... too many features...

ok, time to get going. more posting later today. have a good day ladies!


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