"If men liked shopping, they'd call it research."

today we went researching. nothing like 3 laps around the mall and a few hundred $$ out of the bank account to get your heart pumping. BUT, i did score a super cute monkey chair from baby style as well as the a shirt that the booger will be wearing for this year's holiday photo and some gifties for baby Maceo. last but not least, i found the EXACT xbox360 travel bag that the hubby wanted for my, i mean his, uh xbox360. (it looks like dh will be traveling a lot more this next year and he wants to kidnap the 360 to keep him company...) i know, it seems dumb, but this is the bag HE wanted (i liked the impractical white one) and i havent been able to find it ANYWHERE! there seems to be like two of them in the entire bay area, oh, but i have one now!!! thinking back on today's purchases, i didnt buy a dang thing for ME! hum. what time does the mall close?

so, the diaper rash still rages on, but the poopie mood baby that matched it has subsided for the time being. the boogerbear is pretty happy today. currently he's taking his nap. yea i know, most babies are about to go to bed at this time of day not taking their first nap of the day... what can i say? my booger sleeps in later than all those other earlybird babies. neener neener!

seriously, why is it that laundry can never be DONE? there is always laundry. if its not dirty clothes and towels, then its comforters and sheets. really, when will a day pass that i dont have to run the spin cycle?

oh, and before i scamper off, i wanted to thank the new readers/commenters on their compliments on my evil baby (he's cute, but looks are deceiving) and make sure everyone knows i appreciate when someone else takes the time to bitch with me about how lame other people are, i mean can be... *big smiles!*

***quote Cynthia Nelms


Kelly said...

OMG I love babystyle! I miss it oh so much... I know I could shop online but damnit, it was so much better going to the store :P

hollystar said...

meh. our babystyle location is actually kinda cramped. but tyler does love playing in there. unfortunately, i cant get any shopping done as he plays because, well, a) he's a runner b) he still doesnt quite get that everything isnt a toy!

but yes, we love babystyle too. i cant tell you how much $ i've wasted, i mean, thoughtfully spent in there...

Jo said...

Hang in there with the rash... always fun. Yesterday Lacy decided to throw a fit for three (yes, THREE) hours. I almost took her back yesterday. It was brutal!

hollystar said...

ah! THREE! how?! why?! are you ok?! do you need a spa retreat?


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