ok, one more rant. just a little one...

WHY DONT PEOPLE FREAKIN RSVP?!?!!?!? i mailed off those babies shower invitations like 2weeks ago and NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS RSVP'd. talk about a pet peeve. i always RSVP no matter if i'm attending or not. isnt that the point? how am i supposed to plan/buy crap with out knowing how many bodies are there.



Kirbs said...

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I totally feel your aggravation. I had to call about 75 people because they didn't RSVP to my friggin' wedding. A lot of people will wait until the week of the event to RSVP because they just want to make sure they can/can't make it.

Jozet said...

People are gneraly idiots.

That's all I got on that one.

In other news, your little spider child is stinking adorable.

Jozet said...


You knew what I meant.

prepossessing said...

I made a resolution after experiencing some extreme frustration in regards to wedding RSVPs. I even had to call my future grandparents-in-law, who assumed I would just know that my grandmother-in-law would come and my grandfather-in-law would not. From here on out, I will always let people know if I am coming the day I receive the invitaiton.

hollystar said...

me too. i send that puppy off as soon as i get it. then, if we find we are unable to attend, i contact the person handling the RSVPs directly and apologize.

ugh. and then i was trying to figure out how i'm going to get a hold of these people. i send out 35invites and i only have like 5 of their phone numbers.

i think we should lobby for having simple etiquette taught in the public school systems. really. its lacking.


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