late evening babbling

it seems that the proper time for me to get sick is when the hubby is out of the country!!! argh! so now i have some kind of food poisoning/stomach bug. everytime i seem to be getting better and i eat a freaking saltine i puke it right back up!!!! RAGE!!!!

anywho, how are you? we're fine other than vomit overload and yet another firey diaper rash. things are just peachy. i mean, who wouldnt want a kid who screams bloody murder everytime he sees the container of wipes?!?!?

ok, really, no more rants. i just hope tomorrow is better. the boogerbear did go to sleep earlier than usual tonight, which means i should head to bed too ASAP, but i wont. i miss that husband of mine too. he's been gone 1week 1day 11hours 32minutes and 47seconds. (ok, i'm not sure about the seconds, but i'm positive about the rest of the time he's spent away) only 1week 6days 16hours and 15minutes until he comes home. maybe i should post a count down timer. wow. so pathetic....

good news, our friends seth and sonia (sorry no known blogs to link...) had their baby today. 9lb 8oz born via c-section. i dont have any pictures, but i hope to have some soon because i wanted to do their birth announcements for them.

all of that being said, i should hit the hay. i'm pooped. <3!


suchsimplepleasures said...

despite diaper rash and not sleeping...your kids are gorgeous! really!
feel better.

hollystar said...

thank you! well, only one is mine (the spider) the other is a friend of mine's. he's a doll!


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