ZOMG!!!19= I cannot believe its been a year. (officially, our anniversary is April 1st [yes, April Fool’s Day], but we had to celebrate early due to babysitter restrictions, aka. Grandma’s schedule.) Last night we had a terrific meal. I think I pretty much made my filet mignon with cabernet/sauvignon reduction sauce as good as its going to get. It didn't hurt that we had a nice bottle of champagne while I was cooking, the rest of the cabernet/sauvignon while we were dinning and then a really yummy Muscat Vin de Glacier with the cake I bought for Ben at theButtery. Originally we were going to take the opportunity to go out, but I’m way happier that we stayed in.

So when we got home this afternoon (we picked up Tyler and then took grandma and grandpa out for lunch as a thank you for watching the boy overnight), Ben was playing with Tyler. By playing I mean he was hanging him upside down making him giggle and squeal. As he was doing this Ben noticed something new. I reported a few days ago that Tyler’s left lower lateral incisor was finally peaking out, well, now, BOTH of his upper lateral incisors are showing. That kid is going to be all teeth.

I have a bunch of projects in my “current projects” box. I wanted to sew last night since we were sans baby, but it just didn’t work out that way. I did quilt/sew some new covers for the straps on tyler’s everyday stroller. They're ROCKIN'! (i'll do another picture update later on) I’m working on a stroller/lightweight blanket for him too using the Alexander Henry “apples and pears” as a border. It will make a good functional summer weight blanket for the boy. Plus I find it attractive too. First I’m going to finish sewing Toby’s baking towels. I got 3 of them done and 2 more to go. Bigger projects I have on my plate are two sling and tote bag sets for Nicole, gifts for Grandma Joan and Kelly and Mother’s Day stuff. I should go and get a couple of cups of coffee and get working. Actually, it seems like I need one or two small but necessary bits for each of those larger projects to get them really going, which reminds me that I need to get some info from Kelly before I can sew that. Well, I will do that now and maybe update more later if I can think of stuff and things to ramble about.

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Erin Bradley said...

Happy Anniversary! Doesnt the time just fly by? It totally freaked us out when it was our first anniversary.
Congrats on Tyler's teefers. Soon you will have teeth marks on everything!


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