Project/Photo Update

First, an image of the AmyButler bag. Like i said before, i didn't use the intended fabric, but it ended up being a smart move since i'm not in love with the bag but i do like the original fabrics (exterior & lining).

the other projects i'm working on are for mother's day. for my husband's grandmother i am doing a set of hand embroidered tea napkins and tea towels. for my MIL i'm doing some embroidered bamboo and putting them in frame. last, but not least, i'm quilting a scrapbook cover for my grandmother and putting in pictures of the quilts she's done. when i give it to her, i'm also planning on giving her some disposable cameras so she can keep taking pictures of the quilts that go in and out of her quilting frame when i'm not around. here are a few pictures of the quilts she had laying around when i was there last week. i really need to snap some photos of the quilts i have here at home too!

there are more, but those will have to wait until a later post. its BED TIME!

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Erin Bradley said...

Those quilts are unbelieveablely adorable. I so wish one day I could do that. *sigh* One day.


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