cranky baby and a retro kitty

We did a whole lot of nothing today. Julie came over with little Laurel this afternoon. She’s still so tiny, 8months and about 8lbs. TINY. Tyler was bigger than that at birth. After they left, Tyler got it into his head that he wanted his daddy and he cried about it. He cried about it from 4 until after 8 when Ben FINALLY made it home. Grrr. Tyler seems to be becoming a daddy’s boy lately. (Yes, that is a pink and purple sucky thing in my son's mouth. He's a real man. And, no, my husband isn't high. He's "tired.") For the past 3 or 4 weeks now Tyler seems to “want” one of us. Let me tell you, it’s a very gratifying feeling. On the other hand, seeing laurel the blob today (and I mean that in the nicest way), I kinda miss that. Tyler is a little maniac now (and I’ve been told that it only gets worse, WTF?!!??!) and him having an opinion about what he wants is actually quite tough on good old mom here.

So I did work on some hand embroidery today (and tonight). I was thinking about using them as appliqués on the simpler things I sew. I think this one will be going into a frame and given to Mary (my MIL) for mother’s day or something. Maybe not. Who knows.

Well, this weekend I plan on getting Tyler’s room put together at last, so I can take stock of what I need to make it a complete room. I know I will still need some wall hangings, but I was holding off on finding those until I knew exactly what I needed. I was thinking something along the lines of
nifty, vintage western movie posters or something along those lines.

My night has been all messed up thanks to Ben coming home so late. I’m just a little off schedule. It’s almost 1am and I’m feeling like its only 10pm. Grrr. I should shower and force myself to sleep. I’m going to be so worthless tomorrow. Oh well, at least Ben watch what baby while I catch up on some Zs.

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Erin Bradley said...

We should totally motivate each other! It could be cool to be helping each other from 2k+ miles away from each other.
How big was Tyler when we was born?

I love his chubby cheeks in the pictures. He is utterly adorable.


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