Experiencing as Wisely as I Know How.

This weekend was productive, but not as productive as I intended. Katie and I didn’t get Tyler’s room completely finished as I would have liked, but I did get most of the decorations done and I finished distressing the bookshelves for that room. I know what goes where, so now it’s a matter of getting Ben’s computer out of there. Ugh. I also hung 4 of the 6 shelves that were part of operation baby proofing thus getting the dvds out of tornado tyler’s destruction path. The living room looks so finished compared to before. Its amazing how such a little change can make such a big difference.

Tyler is crawling with expertise now, his 2 top toofers are taking their sweet a$$ time, but coming in, he’s eating well and is a happy little guy as usual, BUT he’s so mean. Mean as a baby can be. He’s such a boy already. I wonder if its nature or if we’ve nurtured him into it this early on? Speaking of doing things early on, its time, its past time to get him sleeping on his own. I think tomorrow I’m going to set up his bed down here again and just suffer through it. I would put him in his crib upstairs, but Moomoo and Erican are coming to visit in the next couple months and I don’t want to confuse him just as he’s getting used to the new sleeping arrangement. Aw, but as I look at him right now, sleeping curled up to Ben, I just love having him right here. But, on the other hand, I don’t want a two year old still sleeping curled up next to Ben, that’s my job!

This week should be a good week. Tuesday evening I think Katie and I are going to go over the hill into San Jose to go to a JoAnn’s so she can pick up a pattern or two and some fabric. Saturday we’re doing a sewing day. This week I have a couple patterns and some super rad fabrics that I ordered last week coming in. I cant wait to get started on those projects. One’s an adorable appliquéd ABC book. Its kinda old lady-esq. but I found some appliqué templates that are a bit more modern and I started printing those out already. I looked into the local quilting shop’s class offerings. There are quite a few options, I think there are a couple I’m interested in, but not until April. In June, they’re part of a thing called Shop Hop where you hop around bay area quilt shops. I think that will be a good way to check out the local and not so local shops. I’ve always been one to go out of my way if I find a really cool shop. I already talked Katie and Mary into doing it with me. YAY! I’ve also been poking around a new forum called sewing mamas. Those ladies there are great. Some are on the crunchy side, but not too bad. Certainly nothing compared to some of the mama’s I’ve encountered here. eep.

Speaking of meeting new mommies, I meet one of Katie’s friends this weekend, Sam, and her new little boy (2 ½ weeks new to be exact), Hayden. I really liked her. She seems like the kind of gal I could get along with. We’re going to try to get together this week and do some scrapbooking. Its been right at a year since I’ve moved up here and I feel like I’m really starting to find my place and not feel so lonely. I keep in relatively close contact with the girls back home, but its just not the same as having friends you can hang out with. My MIL and SIL are awesome, but I can’t count on them or Ben for all of my adult contact. When I was pregnant I was so bummed out by the pregnant lady classes offered and more so by the attitudes of the other preggers that I didn’t get involved and the mommy and me classes are the same way. I have definitely changed from the person I was, but I’m still not a Santa Cruz native and those way crunchy mamas just aren’t my crowd. BUT, now I have Julie (who just had laurel on Feb. 8th) and Sam seems to be right up my alley to do play dates with. Its taken longer for me to adjust to life up here that it has anywhere else I’ve lived, but, then again, this has been the biggest change. I don’t feel so isolated anymore.

On a down note, I don’t think I’m going to pursue one of the relationships presented to me. I thought my BIL’s girlfriend, Nicole, was in a similar station in life as me. She has a son, Lundon (yes, it is spelled with a U), who is 2 months younger than Tyler and she’s a part-time SAHM. When we get together at family events, she is very gung-ho doing things together, stating that she would love the company and that none of her friends are around when she’s off of work or that they don’t have kids. So it seems perfect. I thought, from what she says of herself, she’s a lot like me. I think I was wrong. At least 75% of the plans we have made have been cancelled by her, when we do get together and talk about life and things, she says a lot of things that make me think she’s not the person she says she is and also about her commitment to our family. For example, according to my MIL, Nicole and Nate (my BIL) have been fighting lately. Last time Nicole and I sat down for a chat she said something about how if her and Nate didn’t work out she couldn’t be part of our family. Ummm… ok. That’s not how a family works in my eyes. I don’t want to get close to Nicole knowing that she can just bail on us because its too difficult for her to continue relationships with her ex’s family. I can see where she is coming from. If Lundon wasn’t involved, would almost understand. But, when a person becomes friends with another and they spend time on a relationship, I just don’t think it should be thought of so lightly that you can toss it out like used Kleenex. So, for the time being, I’m just going to leave that alone. I hope, for her sake, she isn’t really the person I think she is.

I’m also working on changes for this blog. I never really thought I would like having my own blog, but I do. It’s turning out to be more than what I thought it would be. As I look back on this post, I see more than just mindless chatter. I see myself experiencing my life and I think I know where this blog will go.

Well, here’s to a good week!

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Erin Bradley said...

I like your blog! Tyler is adorable.
I understand on your BIL;s girlfriend. Why are people two-faced? I have had it with starting a friendship with people who end up leaving or end up being retarded. I think I am going to have to just stand back and see who comes up to me and wants to talk. :)


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