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Well, first of all, I’m in Houston. I’ve been here since Sunday (3.10). It was a very last minute decision made last Saturday (3.9) and I’m here. Last Saturday(3.9), Katie (my SIL) and I found an awesome fabric outlet that I heard about in San Francisco. On the way there, my mom called me in tears begging me to come home ASAP. Long story short, she’s in the middle of some kind of break down that I will explain later in this post. Anywho, I can’t wait to get back home and check out that fabric store again!!! When we were in there, I think I was too overwhelmed by the selection and prices (CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP! ) and the shock of having to head to Houston THE NEXT DAY that I lost my fabric mojo. Sunday I spent packing and traveling. I was so tired. Monday (3.11) I spent at my grandma’s going through and organizing her old notions and I hit the jackpot. She’s sending me home with tons of thread (I tested it to make sure it wasn’t too old and decayed), ribbons, snaps, vintage BUTTONS, etc… Yay! That evening I went to visit my dad and step-mom who just happen to be in town. That went well. I actually was kinda feeling bad that they weren’t more involved in tyler’s life, but then I asked my dad if he had any other grandkids. (I have 2 half siblings that I’ve never met. They are both approx. 15-20 years older than me) He apparently does have 2 other grandkids by his own bloodline. Two girls that he’s never met. I don’t feel quite so bad anymore. I at least call them, send them pictures, and they have seen him a couple times. Not that its any consolation, but my step-brother actually has two boys (13 and 15) and they’re very close to my dad. He has a family.

So, my mom is nuts. Really. But, its ok. It’s a result of her loosing control of things in her life that she doesn’t feel she should loose control over, i.e. me, her classroom, her weight, etc… everything added together has resulted in some nasty depression and the shit finally hit the fan last Wednesday (3.7). There was an incident with her at school that resulted in her having to take a couple days of administrative leave (with her spring break to follow) and a few mandatory therapy sessions (yay! You have no idea how long I’ve tried to get this woman to go to a therapist). She was kinda handling this ok until Saturday when she was in wal-mart and on of her students came up to here and said “Mrs. Macha, I heard you got fired”. She lost it. There is a lot more to the story, but it will all come out in due time. Right now, that’s all that’s important about the story. ATM she’s ok, but I think her nerves are getting the best of her.

Tuesday (3.12) Moomoo and I started to cut out and piece the Amy Butler patternthat I got, but not out of the fabric I originally bought for it. Instead we used some random fabric that was bought for some random project at least 10 years ago that never got made. It was dispensable. We did not trust this pattern. It was by far the most complicated instruction for a very simple bag that I’ve ever encountered. But, then again, I haven’t exactly followed too many patterns that closely lately. Wednesday (3.13) was more of the same. I made a JoAnn’s and Hancock’s run for the rest of the materials we needed for the purse. I was very tempted by some shiny metallic fabric (Ooooooh, shiny….) that they had on sale, but I was a good girl and left it there. Poop. Thursday (3.14) I finished the bag!!! I’m pleased with it. I almost even like the tacky fabric. It is much larger than I envisioned and I already have tons of things I want to change when I start the 2nd one. (yes, I do plan on attempting this thing again. And soon at that.) I think I’m going to make a whole new bag but LOOSELY based on this pattern. Straight sides and more (smaller) pockets. This bag has something called “portfolio” pockets, which were confusing as hell to visualize when reading the instructions, but they turned out to be giant pockets on both sides of the lining of the bag. Not a bad idea, I just think MORE and SMALLER pockets are more practical. Regardless, I’m proud of the result of me following instructions. Yay me!!! [PICTURES WILL BE INSERTED HERE LATER]

So, now its after 2am (3.16) and I’m sitting in my old bedroom in my parents’ house watching “earth girls are easy”. (I love that movie! The food scene and makeover parts are the BEST!) I’m tired and so tempted by every lunista commercial I see. I was finally getting back into a good sleep routine at home. I contribute most of that to the daily workouts I was actually doing on that dumb machine of which I am NOT doing here. Oh well, I’ll be back next Wednesday. I’m not really sure what I will do until then. I think I’m gong to visit my godmother at some point. My mom’s cousin/best friend and her girls wanted to do dinner. Saturday (3.17) we were planning on having lunch with my aunt. Saturday night is Jen’s PROM THEMED birthday party that I am SOOOO STOKED that I get to attend. I always seem to miss her parties. I also just happen to have left my bridesmaid dress from Erican’s wedding
here, so I even have something to wear.

PS> more updates:
Mom went back to school Monday (3.19); everything is fine.

I got an hour away from that baby to do lunch with Kelly. Its always nice to have some grown-up time with not only a grown-up in a similar station in life as you, but with one who shares a lot of the same view points as you. ALSO, I got her little boy a cranky the crane toy which HE DIDN’T HAVE!!! I love picking that perfect gift!

So I’m going home tomorrow (3.21). YAY! I miss home. I miss Ben. I’m ready to head back. I’m sure I will update this ASAP when I get back into the land of technology, aka. Home w/ and internet connection.

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Kelly said...

Ugh, sorry about your mom Holly! I hope she is doing a lot better! You will have to let me know what happened... it was probably all the mexicans LMAO!

And I had a great time too! Though you didn't say anything about how I wanted to steal your baby haha!


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