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Today we went to the pediatrician to have another look at an ongoing rash that we’ve been battling. The first time our pediatrician looked at the rash he suspected a moderate diaper rash on the butt and ringworm (ok, if you say so) on his back. He prescribed a steroid cream and an anti-fungal cream. I’ve been putting them on twice a day for a bit over two weeks and, guess what, his rash got worse. Ugh. The second look at Tyler’s rash gave the pediatrician a clearer view (the first time we went the rash was quite faint) and he believes Tyler has eczema. So it’s a stronger steroid cream and a completely hypoallergenic skincare/bathing/wash regiment. I hope this new steroid cream and all of the hippy baby/laundry products I purchased make a difference. If nothing else, at least the eczema doesn’t seem to bother/itch him.

OH, and he got ANOTHER tooth. It’s the bottom left lateral incisor. That brings us up to SIX TOOFERS!!!

SO, after we left the pediatrician, I had the need to make a Whole Foods run. I’ve been working on transitioning all of our cleansing & diapering products to the hypoallergenic types for the past couple days and I couldn’t find the exact ones I wanted (products from: California Baby and Avalon Organics ), so over the hill and into San Jose it is. I also, out of politeness, returned a phone call to my BIL’s gf. She expressed interest in going, so she tagged along. OMG! Her and that BIL of mine have ISSUES. The way it was expressed to me today, she has her prerogatives and nevermind what he needs/wants. I hope they resolve things one way or another. Geez. It made me appreciate Ben and our relationship so much that I had to call him and tell him I love him and I appreciate him.

As I was catching up on my blogs today I was reading Toby’s Daily Bread and saw he used one of the baking towels that I made for him! YAY! The fabric I used for them isn’t the trendiest, but its functional and they claim to like them! Yay!

Tomorrow I plan to visit the MIL and go to the farmer’s market. Tonight, tonight I sew.

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