talk about laaazzzzy!

Today I made Ben play hooky. I’ve been really tired lately. (No, I’m not pregnant. For the TMI of the day, I did a urine test last week at my gyno’s when I went to get my depo shot. It was negative as suspected.) So I got to sleep in, Ben watched that baby and I woke up a better person. Then we ran a ton of errands. It all started with an innocent fry’s run. Then it turned into buying baby gates, diapers and BUTTONS!!! Hancock’s started their new sale today and I needed zippers for the pouches I’m working on (the zippers weren’t on sale. Poop.). I just happen to have a flyer and noticed buttons were 50% off. I love buttons. Not so much for practical use, but more for random decoration. So I got some really random buttons. Don’t be surprised when they start popping up on my projects. This afternoon I didn’t really feel like doing much. The dog food and stairs are too exciting for him to leave alone, so I installed one of the
baby gates so Tyler can’t get out of the living room. It actually isn’t too ugly and was relatively simple to mount. I win. Other than that, dinner, dishes, and typical baby stuff, I didn’t do crap. Yay!

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Erin Bradley said...

I dont mind your advice. It was not like I was complaining about my apartment and you told me that its a waste that I am paying a lot and what I should be doing is blah blah blah.....
For some reason, I do like unsolicitated advice when its not negatively directed at me. If its good advice one of those need to know kinda things then I am all for it. Its the negative crap I have come to not like.


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