Project/Photo Update #2

first a couple embroideries that i intend on using on an applique ABC book:

i also put together a couple scraps i had laying around and one of the embroideries together and into a frame. i did FINALLY decide on the actual decor of our bedroom, until now it has just been painted a lovely green with pretty much nothing on the walls and basic bedding. AND ITS GOING TO STAY THAT WAY. actually, i decided on a color scheme of sage-like green, cornflower blue, and plain-old yellow. those colors are soothing and clean to me. but anywho, here's a possible accessory for the room:

last, but not least, is the summer blanket for tyler. i love it! ok, i love the fabric. ( i should have ironed it before i snapped the photos. le sigh)

i still didnt snap photos of those stroller strap covers, but in due time. for now, its about bed time. night, night!


Erin Bradley said...

I totally love the summer blanket. The pear fabric is really complementary of the orange fabric, which is probably what you had in mind.
You are very crafty my friend. I wish I had some time to do such things. I probably do but nowadays with my walking, I dont.
Bryan and I have taken up walking for 5 miles a day. We started on saturday and so far, I haven't collapsed. So yay! But usually after I take some aspirin, for the aches and pains and drink some water and then I am passed out on the bed waking up the next day.
Keep up the craft! I may totally buy something off you!

Erin Bradley said...

You know I might take you up on that. Bryan and I had a um...preggers close encounter. We were excited as hell but I dont think I am. We would love a little one but if its not happening now then its ok.
Ack! I dont want to jinx it.


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