ok. i love tattoo styled stuff. LOVE. i dont know why i didnt think of it before, but there are loads of pin up/tattoo rubber stamps out there. i found this site: bombshell stamps. i adore everything they have and its all more than reasonably priced. i placed a small order. (yea, i'm trying to simplify, not add even more stuff to my already bloated crafting stash. pfft.) look how neat! they even stamped the envelope! i love those little touches. it makes me not what to toss the evelope. meh. i cant wait to get those badboys mounted and start tatting up the boogerbear. oh yea, that little ink pad is skin safe and i fully plan on making my kid the most inked child on the block. ok, maybe not, but i'm sure he will ended up with a pin up on his fore arm for shits and giggles.

carry on.


Jo said...

so I've taken to opening your blog and then keeping it up so I can listen to the music as I move through the other blogs I follow. Funny, I get sooo irritated when the other bloggers have music, cause I can't listen to the stuff on your site. Thanks for the background music!

Cassie said...

I love bombshell stamps SO much!!!


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