what holiday are you celebrating?

well, its almost october. you know what that means. all the stores are busy setting up their christmas displays. me, on the other hand? i still value halloween and the moons between now and thanksgiving. in the past few days i've started pulling out fall and halloween decorations. how neat are those owls? i forgot all about them since last year. i absolutely love going through my boxes of decorations. its like opening long lost, forgotten gifts you bought for yourself. it also doesnt help my memory when i buy stuff after the holiday for dirt cheap and dont actually put it out that year. this was the case of the owls not last halloween, but the halloween before.


A Free Man said...

I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but I love me some Thanksgiving. Still celebrate it every year from abroad.

Joe said...

My neighbors put our their extremely tacky Halloween decorations. Ugh. The only thing I actually decorate the house for is Christmas, and that's only because Sarah wants me to. She does have a few "seasonal" boxes though. Every few months, she goes downstairs and gets out new placemats, rugs, frames, etc. Strictly a woman thing in this house.

judean said...

I love forgetting about stuff and then finding it and being thrilled! I do that with xmas decorations, but not Halloween or other holdiays, because...well, I don't have any, lol!

KiS said...

We are those terrible people who typically turn off the lights and hide on Halloween but with a 19 month old that now seems lame, so we bought 2 tacky decorations and some candy. Our thanksgiving is 2 weeks away and I prefer those decorations ( I limit myself to containers of unique gourds ) but I don't think that day is nearly as significant to Canadians as it is to Americans. I'm itching to open the Christmas decoration boxes though:)


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