i'm a bad bloger.

oh wells.

i'm pretty pooped these days. trying to sew and get other projects organized and out the door. oh and that whole parenting thing. how easily i forget. or not. anywho, i'm slowly chipping away at the to do list and definately feeling less over whelmed by it. this coming week i still have plenty of lofty goals including starting a daily "preschool activity" with the boogerbear. think a daily color/shape/letter/number/trig equation/days of the week. some of these things he knows (i.e. the color purple), but its also about re-enforcing them in a structure manner such as grouping the colors then moving onto shapes then letters. monday we do the color red. we're going to eat strawberries, red jello, and tomato soup. we will put red feathers onto a red foam birdie that i have pre cut out of fun foam. we will add the red fun foam "scoop of ice cream" on top of the fun foam "cone" which will eventually create a high stack of ice cream as we work our way through the colors. i have a few other things up my sleeve, but its 2:30am and i'm in no mood to regurgitate my lesson plans to the internets. or use spell check for that matter.

ok, so its bed time. i hope to take photos of the things i've been working on for etsy and myself tomorrow. we will see. g'nights.

i really love the deftones song on my play list. full of very awesome memories and some how relaxes me. love it.


Jane said...

Are you currently accepting new students? I love arts and crafts. Is paste included...as a snack?

hollystar said...

ha! absolutely. all materials/supplies included along with a snack/chocolate milk. you are responsible to bring your nap mat, blankie and pillow.


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