i demand a scotts valley target!!!

so almost a year ago the big box store target submited an application to build a target store a very short distance from my home. the town i live in is mostly small and quaint, but desperately in need of this additional modern convience. i know. we're supposed to be the hippy, crunchy type, but target isnt all that bad. its not as bad as kmart which we've had in town since the dawn of time. has anyone been in kmart lately? no, i didnt think so. mostly because a majority of the landlocked kmarts have been closed in the past decade and, oh yea, THEY BLOW! target, in their own huge corperation way, does their part to be "eco-friendly" and i think that should could a little for those tree-huggers out there.

the biggest opposition seems to be that it will increase the traffic to our area, but i dont hear anyone raise a big stink every summer when the "valleys" (aka. residents from san jose/bay area) herd themselves over our hill and reak havoc on our little towns yet bringing in those tourist dollars. effing tourist. but thats a whole other can of worms.

if the residents of scotts valley are going to worry about anything from this proposed store, then they should worry about the developers asking for tax breaks. what i mean by that is that this project being subsidized to build here. this is what is going to impact the "local" business negatively as target can typically offer lower prices than the local business and didnt even have to pay into the community to build but instead takes from the tax payers. i dont know that this is how target opperates. in fact, i have no reason to believe that this is a practice target partakes in. (its a walmart thing.) BUT, i'm also not seeing anything being documented about the circumstances of the target coming into our community.

regardless of that, lets say the target is built. i see myself going to target for things like trash bags and storage units and still going to Zinnia's for the cute little gift i need. so, what was that about local business? i know i'm not every resident, but i think that our family unit does represent a considerable chunk of the scotts valley demographic. i could be wrong. i havent done a lot of research on that. i just know where the (yes, the) sex offender lives.

what brings this up? well i need to go to target today. i have a list (giant blue storage containers, those suckers that make colds more bearable...) but i dont want to take the 30min-ish drive to get there. on the upside, the target in watsonville is next to super tacoria. its SUPER! so, veggie burritos for dinner tonight.

anyone have any experience of a big box store coming into a small town? am i completely wrong in my feelings about this? what came first, the chicken or the egg? please share.


A Free man said...

I'm really not a fan of these big chain shops for the reason that you point out - that they run out locally owned businesses.The reality is, though that Wal-Mart, K-mart and, yes, Target have pretty much one this battle anyway. Just the way of the world.

KiS said...

a necessary evil...i'm so not cool.


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