tasty tuesday! (lots of clicks, but lots of love)

ok a partial a new and improved blogroll and why:

isley's on parade. LOVE THIS LADY! a mom who has gone through the trials and tribulations of adopting and mothering a very sweet little girl with CCHS. i learn a lot from this lady and definately consider her a friend.

LessonsInMOTHERHOOD. by far one of my favorite mommies.

Mommy and the Marine. a good buddy from my high school years. she is a brillant photographer, does a bit of digi scrap, and a mommy who shares very similar worries and fears as myself except she's not afraid to fess up to them.

Mommy'sCupboard. once upon a time a food blog for us moms. slow to post, but we're moms! we're too busy to blog our dinners. for now...

OffShoreWife'sLIFE. a lovely lady who crafts and decorates and cooks and amuses me with her beautiful pictures.

red velvet girls. fun. fresh. funky. right up my alley. they make neat-o kits too!

the green frog studio. an incrediable french scrapbooker. definately an inspiration packed blog!

it's a small small world. always something creative up this one's sleeve.

a free man. one of the few of the blogs i read that is written by a male. lots of good baby shots and awesome music downloads.

sassy sasha. wonderful scrap blog and wonderful crafter!

a beautiful mess. plays well with paper. adorable etsy.

a girl named kent. shops at japanese dollar store and makes fun things!

amy tangerine. makes neat shirts.

and so, create. very cute scrapper.

hey jen renee. i just started reading this crafter's blog, but i am already in love!

next tuesday there is another possible update to the blogroll in this fashion. i have a ton of feeds that i follow and love them all so much, but its quite a task to turn my feeds into links on this blog. please click on these links. every single blog that is and will be on my blogroll is well worth the click. show these people some love!


A Free Man said...

Cool, thanks for the link, Holly. Thrilled to know I'm one of the only male bloggers to make your list!

KiS said...

ahhh, thanks!
i love being part of your tasty tuesday!


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