tasty tuesday (version: another blogroll update!)

oh how the list has grown. here are even more links of my favorite blogs from my reader and even some new one's i've stumbled into since the last blogroll post!

flowers, freestyle, scissors, & MEXX! i love everything that this SIS makes not to mention the little boy that she made is entirely too cute!!! not to mention she can pull of the microbangs i always wanted...

jodi the girl. a crafter, who i've enjoyed reading very much.

little mrs. not afraid to use it herself. she says things that even make me blush sometimes and thats tough! geez. i cant believe i didnt put her up sooner!!!

sukeydookiedoo jumped on the blog wagon and i'm personally very glad she did.

somewhere over the rainbow. a lovely papercrafter who happens to have a little attitude. remind you of anyone?

A little birdie told Lisa Wharton some pretty rad things to get her to pump out some of the fab art that she does.

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