open rant post.

ok. i have a rant, but i want everyone else feel like they can bitch and moan too. so, please, feel free to complain about everything and anything you want (guilt free) in the comments. go on, you know you want to.

MY RANT: ok, so i've been trying to stay off my laptop. i've been trying to get crap done. i've been mostly successful (posts to come) so today i thought i would catch up on some blogs with my morning coffee. the thing is, its going to be a two pot morning because i have over 400 updates on my reader. srsly? what the fuck are you people blogging about? no, i'm not serious. i'm glad that y'all are out there, sharing with everyone. i look forward to reading everything, but i just dont feel like all my reads will be getting the attention they deserve. hopefully this boom in posts is something i can adapt to or you people crawl back into your holes and get busy with other junk again!!! :)

my other rant: i hate effing outlook. somehow the boogerbear manages to make mine go all wonky with random button smashing when he's momentarily left alone in near vacinty of my laptop. i dont want to troubleshoot it right now, so i'm currently checking my email via my archived emails on the gmail server because outlook keeps pulling my emails off the server (i have it set to save a copy on the server JUST IN CASE) and hiding them somewhere in never, never outlook land. *sigh*

/end rant.


angela said...

i hate outlook too, but i have no idea what you just said because i am not that tech-literate!! just popping in to say hi! ajw472 from SIS

BlessedChaos x4 said...

ok. your rant is the best. sorry don't feel like complaining right now but thanks for leaving it open.
and where did you find that "blogger poster" priceless!

Joe said...

My blogs are awesome, so you better be giving them the attention they deserve!!!

I'd like to rant about allergies... I've never had allergies before. 2 days ago, I had an INSANE allergic reaction to SOMETHING that put me in the hospital. WTF!?!?! And we're not completely sure what it was... crab, maybe.

judean said...

wha?? why don't you just use g-mail or sumthin?

oh, and you haven't been by my blog today, and I posted twice. because. I. have. no. life.

A Free Man said...

My boy has somehow managed, with a single click, to reduce the font size on my computer. No idea how, no idea how to fix it!


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