the hidden villa

a week ago we went to birthday party for a dear friend of the boogerbear's at the hidden villa in los altos. google it. here are some photos of the event.

so, now that we have learned of the boogerbear's love for chasing chickens, what does everyone think of the new noise i have attached to the blog? annoying or foot tapping fun?!


Joe said...

heh... "Poop here".

While I don't mind music on websites... I've never been a fan of it auto-playing. Especially at 4am when I'm trying to be quiet but maybe forgot to mute my computer. On the other hand.... the first time I came here and the music played, it was "Don't bring your guns to town", by "Johnny Cash", and I do love me some Johnny Cash.

Jane said...

Lovin' the Nirvana that piped through when I came to your page. Your baby boy is too cute! That cake is awesome.

A Free Man said...

Great cake - I'm trying to figure out what to do cake wise for my boy's birthday party next weekend.

I'm with Joe - the music's good, but kill the autoplay.

hollystar said...

yes. i agree about the auto play. unfortunately that means making a whole new playlist on the site i went through. not a huge deal, but a little time. time to poke around for more options.

KiS said...

bahahaha! i love the "poop here", where can i get a copy of his sign???


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