so they're over...

i really, truely never thought the holidays would actually end. with all the cooking and cleaning and drinking and gifting and cleaning and eating and cleaning, i really never thought i would see the end of holiday season 2007. oh, but its over. here it is, officially 2008, and i still have an ungodly mess to clean/pack up, but i couldnt be happier. other than a few minor moments of mostly self-inficted insanity, we all survived, unharmed.

my mom is in town for a couple more days. then, husband leaves for germany for a few weeks. so, its back to the boogerbear and i. lots of cleaning organizing will be going down. i have some serious storage issues to address between the christmas decorations and mountains of toys. hopefully our lives will be interesting enough to blog about in 2008. i have a feeling, with the boogerbear around, it will be...



MommyKnows said...

Happy New Year!


Offshore Wife said...

Have a happy New Year! What does your husband "do" to travel so often? Sounds a lot like mine.

hollystar said...

the short version: he's a chemical engineer that doesnt play with chemicals really.

the long version: he's a "service engineer" for a company that produces an xray/photo/light/somthingorother tool that are used in the production of semiconductors. he installs and occassionally fixs a tool that "measures" the little lines "drawn" on to computer chips.

i think


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