time for a big boy bed?

the boogerbear (yes, my 17month old child) is STILL co-sleeping with husband and i. i kinda sorta like him in there but the longer i put off getting him into his own bed the harder it will get to do it. quiet frankly, we're running out of space with our boy growing like a weed and i have a feeling it will be hard enough transitioning him now.

so, its time for mommy research mode to kick in. not so much for the method of how to get him sleeping in his own room (i've been doing that since before he was born... i fail in application there), but more so what kind of bed to get him. we have one of those transition cribs that goes from crib to toddler bed to full-sized bed. well, i've already ruled putting him into his crib (for the 1st time...) thanks to my personal fears of making him a jailbird due to a black crib. i'de rather not just use it as a toddler bed because i want to be able to lay down with him sometimes. SO, i wonder if getting him a full-sized matress and use the crib pieces as a headboard is the way to go. he's more than likely going to be a big boy, but not for a considerable amount of time. i assume that a full-sized bed will contain him for at least the length of time it takes for him to fully use bed/matress number one and then need a replacement bed which can be purchansed in queen size. maybe?

any advice on purchasing children's furniture? sucesses? failures? :)


Kelly said...

Ok this is from my personal experience only.... Dom was a damn good sleeper in his crib so we weren't in any hurry. We found the Thomas bed and knew he would love it. And he did and he slept AWESOME in his toddler bed. Just recently, he has voiced wanting to sleep in mommy and daddy's "big" bed. I knew he was going to outgrow the Thomas bed but I think it was an awesome transition for him to go from crib to that.

My niece slept with her parents until right around the time she was 18 months old? I think. Linds was preg with Jada and they decided she needed to move lol. They got Bailey a full size bed, pink sheets, and laid down with her every night to make her feel "secure" still. They still sometimes end up in her bed all night, but sometimes she does really good. And that's how that goes... LOL

Good luck :D

Alexia said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Good luck on the toddler bed....my 20mo sleeps wonderfully in his toddler bed, but he is still sleeping with me LOL I guess I like the company...WHY I have no clue!

Kristian said...

i wish i could help you! cade is 10 months old and we are working on keeping him in hiscrib, he still gets up once or twice a night. sleeeep deprivation....


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