another resolution post

i think resolutions are kinad lame. mostly because everyone always makes completely UNfun resolutions like: loose weight, quit smoking, go to the gym more, organized your desk, yada, yada, yada. despite my dislike, i am going to make resolutions this year. but on three levels of holly*fun.

on the lowest level of fun we have the oh-so-common loose weight. i would really like to continue what i started last year and drop another 20-40lb. other then being a healthy person (which my health stats, minus the number that shows up on the scale, already say i am), i really want to drop the 1st "baby weight" gain in order to have a clean slate for the next baby to work with. yes, i said it. THE NEXT BABY! getting knocked up is definately NOT a resolution for this year, BUT i would just like to be physically prepared for it when we decide to make an addition to the king family.

on the middle rung i have something i'm highly interested in doing but have been delayed thanks to an over-active devil toddler: stocking an etsy.com shop. you guys know all about that. heck, i even have another blog dedicated to it. so, enough about that.

on the top shelf of resolutions, i have one that is for me and a little for anyone who enters my home. i resolve to always have fresh flowers in my home. i know its trival and something most people do all the time, BUT with a "budget" (HA!) and a toddler and other things on your mind, flowers arent something a person considers for themself. but i like cut-flowers dangit! they make me happy. i can sit here and examine a vase of flowers until i find the words i was thinking of, until i calm down from something pissing me off, as i take a mental break from being a mommy/grown-up, etc... so, i will always have a vase of flowers on our table welcoming myself, my family and my friends into my home.

oh, part2 of top-shelf resolution is to post my weekly-ish bouquet to share with all of my cyberspace pals. so, here is my 1st two batches of flowers:

tulips (my favorite and courtesy of my mother) welcomed in the new year.

next i aquired a mixed bouquet from my favorite local flower place in santa cruz (the flower shack):

pretty flowers depite the bad lighting, but i will work on my photography skills more as a learn to use my new camera.

*end resolution post*

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Erin Bradley said...

OMG, I looooooove Tulips. They are my super fave flowers. They come in every color and they are sooo pretty. They always put a smile on my face.


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